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There once was a girl, she would always stay a strange one...
Dressed in only the grayscale and never anything else...
When she walked to school, nobody ever wanted to be near her, they say that she is strange and creepy. That she is a loner and a emo, that she'll probably stay like that for the rest of her life...
As much as the girl wanted to say that wasn't true about her, that she craved for companions, no one would listen to her... 
She felt alone, the only thing that kept her sane was drawing.
Oh, how she enjoyed expressing her feelings through the pencils and the bright colors if her crayons and color pencils! But even then she felt nothing.
Day after day, the same words tumbled out of the other children mouths, that she was a loner, a loser, ugly, emo, a cutter, an outcast! 
... That was when she snapped. She screamed at the top of her lungs, "SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU! YOU DON'T KNOW ME! YOU DONT KNOW ME AT ALL!"
She quickly gathered her belongings and ran as far away from that horrid school. She didnt notice the time, the sky turned dark, it was pitch black, but she didn't care, she ran and ran, into the forest that she was strictly forbidden to enter. The girl tripped over a tree root, startled because of the sudden fall, she sat up on the forest floor and began to cry. Now she's done it, she thought, how am I supposed to get back home? The girl made a shelter out of anything that she found and rested. When dawn came, she would leave the forest, no matter what. 
Dawn came early that morning as the girl set off. The strangest things kept happening to her, she kept hearing the sounds of labored breathing and paw thuds behind her. She looked around but could find nothing. Foolishly brushing it off as a wild animal just passing through, she continued along her path. If she only knew what type of sinister beast was stalking her was terrifying. Now she heard the sounds, but they sounded even closer to her, still brushing it off, she began to walk a little faster. But they still kept coming until they pushed her into a sprint. But the sounds of demonic growling and harsh panting came along with heavy sounding paw thuds at a fast rate. She turned at kept checking all around her, she saw something that she would never forget. A huge abomination of a wolf, with grayscale fur, much like her clothing was trailing after her, claws the size of pocket knives, small scars along the chest and muzzle and a huge one along the shoulder of this wolf, and the height was unbelievable, a good 5 feet tall at shoulder and 8 feet long, the only thing that struck her, too her only horror was the rainbow colored eyes, they were rings, one color after another it would have been beautiful if they didnt looked enraged, the monsters mouth now opened revealing the off white teeth. Since the girl wasn't paying any attention to where going, she fell into a ditch. As she tried to get back up, try to keep running, the wolf stood in front of her, preventing her from escaping, and suddenly spoke, it sounded like a mix of several voices at once, it simply said,"YoU kNoW WHat I AM DoNT YoU? IM You, YouR SeLF, IM YOUR INNER DEMON, ChiLd, bUt doNT Be AFrAID... itLl Be oVEr SOOn!", the wolf let a wild sounding laugh out, the girls eyes widened and the girl only let out a shrill scream before it attacked.
The police reports have said that they found the girl, she was litterd in cuts bruises and bite marks all over her. She was immediately taken to the hospital where she was treated and questioned. The poor girl could only mumble these words, " Rainbow eyes, it has rainbow eyes... The eyes, the... Eyes." They have taken the search to the forest that she was found in, and found her in and found no creature that matched her description. This is only a warning, beware of what your inner demon could be... GoOd LuCk SuRvIvInG!
...what have I done? Well, this is another CreepyPasta that I have created. I'll draw a picture for it later.
Rainbow Eyes•Me
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April 3, 2013
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